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We are excited to offer an easy-to-use blogging solution for startups. Collaborative out-of-the-box. Extremely powerful. A joy to use.

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Helps you launch, manage, & grow your startup's blog

Aircrft Homepage Website and Landing Page Builder


Blogging as a team sport - invite your team to contribute and crreate content.



Deliver high value articles with ease


Keeping your community in the loop is a breeze


Complete control over how you want to present your content remix and restyle your blog to your liking. Custom domain, brand colors - all the bells and whistles.



Leverage content marketing to drive awareness, revenue and user aquisition across all channels


Aircrft Analytics stack included to increase High SEO - searchability online


Blogging with Benefits

Aircrft Blog-in-a-Box is a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful no-code professional content publishing platform.

Get started

Startup grade quality .

Build a beautiful, modern collabrative blogging experience.

Built for startups

Aircrft Blog-in-a-Box is built to make your life easier. All wired up, pre-configured and production ready.

Designed to be modern

Create content, posts, articles with the mobile-first Notion page editor. Modern, minimal, and beautiful.

No code.

Zero DevOps. We've wired up a complete blogging system so you can focus on what matters most - delivering high value content to your growing global communiuty.

Blogging as team sport

Aircrft Blog-in-a-Box is built to make your life easier. We set up, configured and fine-tuned your startups new blogging engine just for you..

Simply joyful

Designed with the latest technology stack - modern, minimal, and beautiful.

Makes your startup shine

Custom domain and branding. We've taken extra steps to make sure your new blog represents your startup with custom domain name mapping, logos, favicons, and brand colors all dialed in - to make you shine.


Getting started
is a breeze.

Once you provide us with your startup’s basic information, we handle the remainder of the process including wiring up your custom domain name mapped to your new blog!

Pre-flight checklist

We start with a short 3-step online form to help us determine the specific requirements for startup.

Deploy stack

From your information, we generate a blog stack well suited to your startup’s personalized needs, including branding assets, logos, and colors.

Blog is Live!✨

We handle the creation of your blog deployment to production. With your final approval we'll flip the switch and your new blog goes live the the world.

Universal access to your data is one of our core values.

It's your content. It's your data. You own it, always and forever, no questions asked. End of conversation.

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Startup friendly pricing

Everything you, out-of-the-box

$ 99 /yr

per startup

Built for startups

Elegant mobile page editor

Custom domain and branding

Built-in analytics stack

Unlimited file uploads / content storage

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Aircrft Blog-in-the-Box is the easiest, fastest, and simplest way to launch, manage, & grow your startup's blog. Think blogging so last decade and no one reads anymore? Maybe so, and that's why We've supercharged Blog-in-the-Box with newsletters, videos, livestreaming, podcasting, and membership management out-of-the-box. With only a couple of taps you can have your startup's blog with custom domain, logo, and branding all dialed in and ready for you to share your journey, updates, and insights to your global communuty of users and the world.



Complete blogging system for startups


Powerful mobile page editor

Publish any media type with ease

Unlimited file unloads

Unlimited storage


Fully-intergrated blogging system

Admin dashboard

Zero server maintenance

100% Your brand / Domain name


Notion API

JAMStack Serverless architecture

Bullet-proof secure

Blazing-fast load speeds


Live chat widget

Members / User login

Custom forms

Activity feed widget

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Aircrft Analytics Stack provides powerful metrics to better understand your blogs impact on your business.

Blogging is a great way to start learning what appeals to your audience. It is a relatively slow but inexpensive method of aggregating analytic data. Start by listing topics to write about, write consistently, and share those posts articles, and newsletters across your business social media channels.

Real-time data

API-first approach


All-in-one blog stack

Thoughtfully curated

Blog-in-a-Box runs on the Aircrft blogging engine - a finely tuned, supercharged tech stack build to help put rocket fuel into your startup

Blog by Aircrft
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Powerful blogging engine to fuel your startups growth

Blogging is a great way to start learning what appeals to your audience, educating your users and keeping your community up-to-date and in the loop.





We use Blog-in-a-Box to run our blog!

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